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Fixed elevator control mode and conditions of use

Publish:2016-02-25 17:51:39  Hits:
    Fixed hoist is a kind of lifting stability, not only the fixed mobile operation, makes the operation become an easy job to do. Mainly used for transporting goods between production lines occasionally floor; material on-line, off the assembly line. Workpiece height adjustment of the workpiece assembly; high feeder feeding; large equipment assembly of parts when lifting; large machine tool feeding, feeding; warehouse loading and unloading spaces and forklift handling vehicles with cargo fast loading and unloading etc.. According to the use requirement, fixed lifting platform can configure attachment, for any combination, such as lifting elevator car can be to import and export of conveying equipment used in conjunction with the transport processes are fully automated and workers do not enter the elevator, so as to ensure the personal safety of the operator, and can realize transporting goods between floors of the building, to improve the production efficiency; electrical control; the work in the form of a platform; dynamic form. The correct choice of various configurations, can maximize the lift function, make the best use effect. Lift
    Elevator fixed operation rules, optional configuration is artificial hydraulic power, convenient and the surrounding facilities lap turning plate, rolling or motor roller, to prevent the rolling pin safety touch, organ type safety guard, who or motor rotary worktable, the fluid dynamic flip work units, anti - check the whereabouts of the elevator safety support rod, stainless steel safety protective net, electric or hydraulic elevator running power system, a universal ball table.



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