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Shear design scheme of hydraulic lifting platform

 Shear design scheme of hydraulic lifting platform
A, user parameters:
1, the load: P kg
2, table size: A*B (L * W) mm2
3, vertical stroke: L for MM
4, the minimum height: L bottom mm (user has no special requirement to the conventional production)
5, the lifting speed: V L M / min (the user has no special requirements to 4-6 M / design, load big or small value, whereas for large value.) 6, drop speed: V M / min (the user has no special requirements V M / min = rising velocity)
Two, according to the table length selected arm fork center distance, as shown in the following figure)
L =A- from the arm fork maximum center (C1+C2)
C1 -- a fixed hinge ear side distance
C2 -- the roller side distance
Three, according to the vertical stroke to determine the crossing number
Crossing number of n= (L +L /L *sin55 (bottom) in n is an integer)
Strength calculation, four arm tube
The sigma S is more than or equal to F* (L /Wx -K)
Sigma S, the material yield limit
F - arm tube maximum force
Wx -- arm tube section modulus
F= (P+M +M /2 /2 arm)
P -- load
M Taiwan -- table weight
M arm -- arm frame weight
F oil force calculation, cylinder five
F oil = (P+M station +M arm /2 *L /L oil *0.6 line)
F oil - cylinder force
L line -- the vertical stroke
L oil cylinder stroke
Determination of six, cylinder fulcrum
The upper and lower hinge ear point should be chosen in the closed, as far as possible on the upward selection, point should be down selected, increasing the hoisting angle, Jian Xiaoqi lift. The hoisting angle should be greater than or equal to 200 (with the regulations of the >150). Cylinder closed when not interference is not interference, square steel should be selected in the open (open the largest angle of 550), open without interference is closed is not interference.
L opens the length of =2*L oil +L -L before the preparation of solid
L closed length =L oil + L solid +L backup
L oil cylinder stroke
L solid cylinder fixed stroke
L front -- Preparation of cylinder before preparing quantity
L backup -- Cylinder reserve
L oil cylinder stroke chugu: vertical stroke: the cylinder stroke
Binary 3:1 1-3
4 fork 4.5:1
5 fork 6.1:1
Seven, motor power calculation:
N= (Q*P/612) *1.1KW
N - power KW
Q - flow
L/Min P - pressure
Eight, scissor arm rod with a hinge oblique cylinder lifting force calculation; (from Mechanical Engineering Handbook of hydraulic lift)
In the formula:
Liter weight mn- rated (T)
M1- weight of the table (T)
M2- lifting mechanism of weight (T)
Series N- lifting mechanism
In figure L, l, L1, L2, D, a according to the structure needs to be determined, AB, AO, BO, beta 1, beta 2 according to the figure has been set parameters. Theta angle as variables.



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